Monday, 22 September 2014

•How to build your ‘Mobile List’ (your most important asset in the Mobile Economy)

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Health Is Wealth

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Wednesday, 3 September 2014

The Venus Factor

The Venus Factor is a diet and fitness system for the female body that has taken a new approach to weight loss for women. The program has quickly drawn the attention of women across the world for its potential of reshaping the female body. Simply speaking, it is emerging as one of the most talked about fat-burning programs for women!

The Venus Factor is unique in that it is a solution that works with your female metabolism. It is Good News For Women as Venus Factor provides a program about Leptin, in which we discover that we are not doomed to be fat forever, because, we women produce twice the amount of  Leptin than men, and which usually works against us, but we can use leptin to our advantage by having a better understanding of the role of leptin and the physiology of the female body, this knowledge provided by the Venus Factor program secrets, helps us to overcome the bad affects of an incorrect diet with a virtual Nutritionist.

The fact that we have twice as much Leptin than men, is not to our disadvantage, because it means we have much more fat burning potential than men and this is almost completely untapped.

How much Leptin your body can use? The fact is much more difficult for women to loose weight because the leptin signals to burn fat are disconnected. It is often due to the demands of child bearing that our bodies have to fight a losing battle with leptin every time we try to loose the baby weight we carry.

The Venus Factor system is extremely well designed and easy to follow it includes the nutrition component and the bonus work out and exercise videos that can give you the perfect shape you desire.

THE VENUS FACTOR ADVANTAGES helps you override your metabolism

Tuesday, 5 August 2014

New breakthrough “mCommerce Blueprint” video and free report

The Dirty Little Secret About 100% Commission Programs (Must See)

What if I told you there was, not one, but TWO dirty little secrets you’re NOT being told about all those ‘Internet Marketing’ 100% commision programs out there?

It’s true…

Secret #1 — The majority of the ‘Internet Marketing’ 100% commission program’s products and services CANNOT be used outside the ‘Biz Opp’ or ‘Internet Marketing’ space which puts you in a dangerous and vulnerable position as a marketer.

Secret #2 — The even dirtier little secret about how ALL of those ‘Internet Marketing’ 100% commission programs out there are NOT actually paying out 100% commissions even though they say they are (you can’t argue with the math, and this math is B.S. You’ll see it in the video. Do NOT miss this).

The new breakthrough “mCommerce Blueprint” video and free report I’m about to give you pulls back the curtain and explains all. There are some angry people out there because of this report. But this is a MUST see if you’re serious about making a stable, safe income online. I wasn’t happy hearing or seeing this either but the facts are the facts and it’s ignorant not to face the facts. Especially when it comes to your bottom line.

See what I mean here →

Implementing just these few tips will provide your visitors with a positive mobile experience

The Four Most Important Parts of a Mobile Website


Whether you’re creating a single application or an entire mobile Web strategy, the first step is understanding what makes mobile different from regular Web, and finding the unique opportunities of the mobile space – both practical and technical.


Think about it – you’re using your mobile phone in a special way. Your traditional Web development techniques and even your sales conversion methods may not translate directly between platforms. Trying to throw a “stripped down” version your company’s online presence on to a phone is usually a recipe for poor customer experiences.


Here are four of the most important practical concerns for every mobile site:


1.      Screen Size: Your normal, content-rich web pages are going to be difficult to read on a mobile device. A good mobile site will require no side scrolling. Remember, mobile sites are always read top down – this should be what dictates your mobile layout.

2.      Network Speed: Smartphones are smart – yes and with the ever-evolving technology, it’s only getting better, but network coverage isn’t universal just yet. That means pages that are heavy with content or images aren’t going to load the same for everyone.

3.      Navigation: Not everyone is using an iPhone or even a touch screen device. Make it easy for your visitors to navigate through your mobile device.

4.      Content: Customers are looking for something very specific when they conduct mobile searches. Give it to them. Don’t fill your mobile site with tons of sales copy and images. Keep the content relevant to the search.


Implementing just these few tips will provide your visitors with a positive mobile experience and keep them coming back time and time again.

Friday, 18 July 2014

Download Your Free 77 page Ebook With All The Necessary Information You Need To Create Your Electronic Product

Here's how you can get other people to write books for you, that

you can sell.


I just downloaded this great 77 page PDF, for free, that

explains it all.


As you probably already know, writing electronic books (also

called "ebooks") and selling them online is one of the best ways

to make money these days.


The hardest part is, of course, writing the ebooks.  What if you

don't want to write a long book, or you don't think you can?


Well, this clever little PDF I read today explains how you can

get OTHER PEOPLE to write ebooks for you, that you can then take

and sell for insane amounts of money.


I'm talking about your own, custom-written ebooks.


Do you wish you had your own product to sell, like the big-name

marketers do?  Do you wish you had ten? ;-)


Then you have to read this PDF.  It explains all the details.  I

can't believe they're giving it away for free...


The people over at just recently purchased

the rights to quite a few excellent PDFs about marketing, and

they're giving them away for free to all their members.


That's where I got this great PDF about getting books written

for you.


If you already have a account, just open up

the software and click on the 'Library' menu item on the top of

the screen.  You can download the 77 page PDF for free right in



Of course, if you don't already have an account you can get one

here, also free here DesktopLightning



DesktopLightning itself is a spiffy marketing program itself,

and I'm sure you'll like it.


But even if you don't, you should snag an account just so you

can read their library of PDFs.


I'm glad they bought the rights to them so they could give them

to people like us for free!


Let me know what you think of the PDF, of course...